02 Jan

Thoughts on a new year.

In my wanderings across the vast wasteland of the internet I came across a simple little exercise in New Year’s resolutions and accomplishing goals. The individual in question had made their creative goals public by publishing them on a commonly used website for artist. By doing so he submitted to a certain amount of accountability since other artist would be able to see his list and call him on the state of his endeavors.

I think that this could be a wonderful motivator. Similar to making a promise with someone in front of others, you’ll inevitably feel the need to make a serious effort to follow through or lose credibility with your peers.

Of course, it’s the accountability that makes publicly declaring your resolutions so unappealing. No one likes to fail, especially in front of others, however success in never guaranteed. Everyone knows that…or should. It’s only the petty, the shallow, or the envious who fail to acknowledge genuine effort.

I’m not sure if I’ll do the same. It’s a tempting yet uncomfortable idea.

Happy New Year!

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Posted by on January 2, 2013 in New Year


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