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Holding out for Wonder Woman


While I do not collect comics any more, I do my best to keep up on what is happening in the DC Universe and its various titles. I have to admit that while I like the new world of Wonder Woman that straddles between gods and man, the fact that the focus on Diana seems to have been lost and she appears to have become a minor character in her own comic, is not lost on me or apparently other readers. It is almost as if there is a deliberate attempt to turn her title into an ensemble piece.

I have often wondered why so many writers seem to stereotype physically powerful characters. It is as if they cannot amend themselves to the idea that characters like WW and Superman can be both physically powerful and intelligent. I sometimes wonder if they are trapped, re-living some high school trauma were “jock” equals stupid.

There should have been more detail on how Diana was kept in the dark for so many years about the (new) circumstance of her own birth and the method by which the Amazons kept their culture and society populated. As things stand now, the level of naivety and gullibility needed runs directly counter to everything Diana represents. It is blindingly apparent based on the criticisms,  that this new reality has not been adequately explained and not enough effort has been spent on clarifying Wonder Woman’s place in the world nor her interactions with it. What is her life about?

As pointed out by Michael Franzese in the comments section of the piece by Erica Peterman , by now we should be reading about a more experienced Diana who should be “…as intelligent, strong and uncompromising as Russell Crowe’s character in Gladiator.” Instead, we get Diana losing to the mechanization’s of the gods, and falling back to her physical abilities to come out ahead. It reeks of the old Superman/Lex Luthor, brawn verses brains dynamic instead of the newer intellect verses intellect dynamic that is refreshing to see. Where are the warrior tactician, the strategist, the princess trained in games and hazards of politics?


I promised myself I would not go into the butt smack, however…

Orion could have gotten DNA any number of other ways. If Diana had grabbed his hand before it connected, Orion would have still gotten the sample and still came off as a jerk. I can only assume the purpose of the scene was to show Diana as being vulnerable or even inferior.

Is it really that difficult to write for a character that represents what is best in half of the world’s population? Every good character should have flaws. Flaws allow us to have empathy for the character and care about what happens to them. However, those flaws should be something that defines the essence of the character instead of stripping away our belief in them.

As I stated at the beginning I no longer collect comics. That does not mean I stopped caring for the characters. Comics are a business based on belief, but once we stop believing or caring, we stop buying.

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